Dining Policies

Dress Code Policy for Tuscan Prime Italian Chophouse

At Tuscan Prime, we are committed to providing an exceptional dining experience that reflects our upscale ambiance and culinary excellence. To ensure that all of our guests enjoy a comfortable and refined environment, we kindly request adherence to the following dress code. 


Appropriate Attire:

·         Business attire, including suits, blazers, and dress slacks, is highly encouraged.

·         Cocktail dresses, formal dresses, and elegant skirts are appropriate for ladies for special occasions and private dining events.

·         Tasteful, upscale casual wear is welcomed, such as collared shirts, dress shirts, and well-maintained denim.

·         Formal or dressy footwear is recommended. Closed-toe shoes are preferred for gentlemen.

·         Annapolis Best is welcomed, such as khaki pants or shorts, collared golf shirts and well-maintained denim


Not Permitted:

·         Athletic wear, including gym shorts, sweatpants, and sportswear. In dining room only- acceptable in bar, lounge, and patio

·         Beachwear, including flip-flops, beach sandals, and swimwear.

·         Ripped or excessively distressed clothing.

·         T-shirts, tank tops, and sleeveless shirts for gentlemen- acceptable in bar, lounge, and patio

·         Caps, hats, and headgear, and hoodies unless worn for religious or medical reasons- acceptable in bar, lounge, and patio

·         Visible undergarments will not be permitted in the restaurant


Additional notes:  “Smart Casual”: Tuscan Prime maintains a smart casual dress code at all times to create an elegant and relaxed atmosphere. Gentlemen are encouraged to wear collared shirts, dress slacks, and appropriate footwear. Ladies can opt for dresses, skirts, blouses, and stylish footwear. We kindly ask that guests avoid athletic wear, flip-flops, and overly casual attire.


Please note that the dress code policy is in place to enhance the overall dining experience for all our patrons. Your understanding and cooperation are greatly appreciated.

Special Occasion:  For those celebrating special occasions, we understand the desire to make the evening memorable. While adhering to our dress code policy, we encourage you to feel free to dress up for the occasion.


General Restaurant Policies

·         Specific requests for seating locations in our dining room are not guaranteed. If there is a specific need/ request  for highchairs, wheelchairs, or booster seats, please add to your reservation notes, or contact our concierge desk so we may make the appropriate accommodations

·         On Friday and Saturdays, a 20% (1-9 guests) or 25% (10+ guests) gratuity will automatically be added to all tables after 9:30 PM.

·         Any outside desserts / cakes will be charged a $25 cake fee. A receipt of purchase must be provided (no homemade cakes will be permitted)

·         No outside wine or liquor is allowed to be consumed in the restaurant


Reservation Policies

·         For reservations of 8 or more, the entire party (or pre-arranged guest guarantee)  must be present before guests will be sat.

·         Reservations will only be held for 15 minutes past reservation/seating time. After 15 minutes, late reservations or reservations with incomplete guest counts will be seated according to the accommodations available at that time if we are still able to accommodate.

·         Reservations with a credit card on file for our non-refundable cancellation policy through RESY (tables of 6 or more, or all tables on major restaurant holidays) will be charged $20 per guest if the reservation is a no-show or canceled within 24 hours of your seating time. A deposit is required for all parties of 10 or more.